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Major Improvements to Sky

Rachel posted Feb 12, 18

As all of you have certainly noticed, SkyFactory had been struggling with freezes and extended reboots for the past few months. The Cathal Team has been working hard behind the scenes to isolate and solve the countless issues with this modpack, and I am happy to report we have finally discovered what seems to be the source of all the major problems the server has been having. We are already seeing huge improvements to performance and reboot speeds. Thank you all for your continued patience as we worked on solving these problems, the feedback and support from our community has been astounding!

MoonwolfGam3r Awesome! Props to everyone involved with solving this issue! :d

I hope everyone is having merry holidays this time of year, and all you northerner folks are staying warm and cozy.

To celebrate this time of year, everything in the Server Shop is 50% off until January 1st, 2018!

We have just completed the migration to a new server with faster hardware and twice as much RAM for the first stage in the CathalCraft improvement plan. The server box is now running on an Intel i7-6700K with 64GB of DDR4 RAM. This will provide improved server performance, and allow for future projects down the line.

Morganator you Sure its upgraded lol..... Its been down forever
JKnightandKARR Cool. This might let me record better CathalCraft vids with my new capture device.
FenixFire Gratz!

Hey guys, for the past few weeks we've been working hard to get a tutorial up for everyone! We're finally at a point where we can open it to the public; simply type /warp tutorial from anywhere on the server to get to the hub! A big thank you to StarsOfVarda for lending her amazing building skills to us for this!

Hey everyone, unfortunately due to too many people abusing the crafting ban on ChunkLoaders, we have been forced to remove them from the server shop and ban them entirely. The people who have purchased ChunkLoaders in the past have been contacted with further instructions on how to handle this change.

In happier news, we have also added two new perks to AmberVIP+; now all VIP levels will be able to skip a trip to spawn and use /warp Nether and /warp End to get to each destination directly.

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