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Update: SkyFactory

Rachel o posted Sep 10, 17

Hey everyone! The Deep Dark, End, and Nether have been reset as scheduled! As you may have noticed, our SkyFactory server has been growing lately, and as a result we have decided it's for the best if we reset the Deep Dark twice a month! Starting now, the Deep Dark will not only be reset on the 10th, but it will also be reset on the 25th. Hopefully this will ensure that no one struggles to find available resources such as nodes, fortresses, and plentiful ore.

We also updated the island plugin; Autonomous Activators should function as intended now, and several other small bugfixes and tweaks have been added.

Extremely happy to see so many friendly new faces on the server, and congratulations to our new team members on their promotions!

Introducing Team Builders!

Rachel o posted Sep 1, 17

Glad that people seem to be enjoying our newest minigame; hopefully you will also love our new addition to it!

On the first weekend of every month, starting today; we will be shifting our normal Master Builders to a special team version of Master Builders.

This will require 6-16 people to play, and will pair everyone into teams of two to build in a larger space with an 8 minute build time instead of the usual 5.

We would like to remind you that you can use /msg to plan the build with your partner as soon as the build time begins, and as always, we welcome your questions, concerns, and feedback on our forums!

Server Back Up: Skyfactory

Rachel o posted Aug 26, 17

Hey skycrafters, so sorry about the issues with the server for the past couple days. We are aware of what is causing the problems, and are working on fixing it, but the server will unfortunately be down tonight. We will update this post as soon as the issues have been resolved. Thank you for your continued patience and your belief in the future of our server.

Skyfactory is back online: Thank you for waiting!

n12nn is the server up
Kumbha Seems like a authentication fault somewhere.... I know captain obvious here

New Minigame for Towny!

Rachel o posted Aug 25, 17

Another friday, another update! Today we're bringing you something pretty special to kick off your weekend; a new minigame! We have so many talented builders on our server that we thought this would be perfect for us:

Master Builders!

For those of you who haven't heard of or played this before, this minigame is meant for 4-16 players and is a lot like a minecraft version of Pictionary (or Draw Something)! When you enter the build area, the server will give you a word. You have 5 minutes to build your best interpretation of that word, and then everyone votes who built it best!

To get to the lobby just type /server Build while on towny!

I hope you all enjoy this addition to the server, and as always, we welcome your questions, concerns, and feedback on our forums!

midnight_dream This is great, always loved that kind of game.

Got another update for everyone to start off your weekends! Tonight we are adding a CathalCrate to spawn! This will be an unlockable box FULL of goodies for everyone to enjoy, including:

  • Custom Tools, Weapons, and Armor; some with Impossible Enchants
  • Custom Heads
  • 128 Common CathalCards
  • 64 Uncommon CathalCards
  • 32 Rare CathalCards
  • 16 Ultra Rare CathalCards
  • 8 Legendary CathalCards
  • In-Game Currency Prizes
  • Dragon Eggs
  • Elytras
  • And TONS more!

To open CathalCrates at spawn, you will need a CathalCrate Key. Crate Keys can be purchased at the Server Shop, even with CathalPoints (obtained by voting or events).

As a huge thank you to our Donors, we will also be giving DiamondVIPs 1 free key a week and PrismarineVIPs 3 free keys a week; just do /kit ingame to see and claim your kit!

As always, we welcome your questions, concerns, and feedback on our forums!

n12nn does it work on skyfactory
Javenger99 So do obsidian VIP's get nothing? RIP
Rachel o Think of them like Baseball Cards. Each card represents an item or mob on our server, and the goal is to collect and tra...
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