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SkyFactory 2.4 Server Release!

Rachel @ Sky Factory
posted Apr 5, 17

Hey everyone! As most of you know, I have been away from the server for a few weeks working on something. Well, today is finally the day I get to tell you what that "something" is! I am extremely excited to tell you that CathalCraft has added a new server! It is a modded server running the SkyFactory 2.4 pack, which is not only extremely fun and expansive, but it's also one of the easiest modpacks to run! Even if you don't have a beast of a PC, odds are you can run this modpack with little to no lag. This is the first in a line of improvements we will be making to CathalCraft, hopefully you will all enjoy this new experience and the features coming in the future!

To see how to download the modpack go to:

Once the modpack is installed you can join with:

I hope to see you all on the server soon!

Ice Master HELP!!! Wonderlands being DELETED. At next New day. PLEASE HELP
xandermehan Oh sweet! I finally have a way to stay connected with cathal without being (no offense) bored to death just roaming on t...
Ice Master Sky Factory is taking out the towny. No ones ever on anymore

Stackable Maze Build Contest

Rachel @ Sky Factory
posted Apr 1, 17

The build time has ended: entries will no longer be accepted into the Stackable Maze Build contest! Judging has concluded: Check the bottom of the post for winners and prizes!

It's March and you know what that means, time for another monthly build contest! This month we are hosting a contest that anyone can enter and enjoy, so I hope to see lots of fun builds like last month! Check our social media sites over the next few days to see pictures of all the amazing entries, or go check them out at /warp MardiGras on /server Creative!

One of the newest additions to spawn is our maze area, and I know many of you, like me, have raged over the mazes linked to that section. Now is your chance to be the cause of someone else's rage! In this month's build contest we are asking you to build a maze that can be stacked onto other entered mazes to make one GIANT ragemaze! At the end of the month, ALL entries will be stacked in the order they were placed, with what we consider to be the "easiest" maze at the start and what we consider to be the "hardest" and most creative maze at the finish. Now is your chance to get your build added to spawn! Enjoy, and may the best maze win!

Build Subject: A maze that matches the required dimensions.

Build Requirements: Your maze MUST be 40 x 40. Any maze that does not meet these dimensions will be disqualified. It must be tall enough for a player to be able to walk through in entirety, and no more than 15 blocks tall. If you have any questions about these dimensions, or any aspect of this contest, please contact Rachel or any staff member via /msg or /mail. You may use redstone, but since these mazes will be moved with world edit you must be available to fix anything that happens to the redstone during the move or we will not be able to add it.

Build Location: Anywhere on our towny server. You may NOT build this in creative.

Contest Submission Date: Your build must be submitted by the end of Friday, March 31st. (This means by 12:00:00 AM 4/1 PST)

How to Submit: Post a /warp to your build on this thread by the contest submission date. If you need help making a /warp, make a /ticket at the build and staff will mail you the /warp name. Make sure you submit the ticket at least 24 hours before the build is due in order to give staff enough time to process the ticket in time for you to submit.


1st Place: JKnightandKarr - Your leafy adventure maze was extremely fun to run through and very clever.

You will recieve 1 End Portal Stone and 10,000 IGC!

2nd Place: Zerkon_Terona - Your Legend of Zelda themed maze was super creative.

You will recieve 10 Sponges and 5000 IGC!

3rd Place: Kattunge9 - Your hedge parkour maze was challenging and fun.

You will recieve 5 Sponges and 2500 IGC!

Everyone: Your maze will be moved to spawn this week. We've begun the process of assembling the mazes and getting them ready for their move!

Also we are unveiling a new server maze, the long-awaited "Impossible Maze" at spawn tonight! Go try your hand against our newest rage maze, but watch out... the walls have a mind of their own.

ihartcandy Congratulations to all the winners! All the maze entries were a fun and exciting challenge. Thanks to everyone who added...
midnight_dream Have to admit I'm a bit disappointed in the winners, the description keeps mentioning rage and even tells to build ...
JKnightandKARR I hope that even though the time has past for the deadline, I already submitted mine, but due to no internet coudn'...

Saint Patrick's Day Event

Rachel @ Sky Factory
posted Mar 21, 17

Hope everyone had an amazing Saint Patricks' Day! Unfortunately mine was full of PC issues, but thanks to the incredible 0wningYou it's back up and running! Hopefully you'll all join us tomorrow in a slightly late celebration of the holiday, we're going to start with a small bit of trivia, then move over to the creative server for a Quickbuild contest. See you all at /warp StPaddies tomorrow at 3 pm PST!

creativekidz the winner of the quick build do they get anything?

Mardi Gras Winners and Parade Posteponement

Rachel @ Sky Factory
posted Feb 28, 17

Hello all! We loved all of the amazing entries into the Mardi Gras Parade, and all of them have been moved to Canal Street by spawn on the creative subserver. I highly encourage everyone to go check them out at /warp MardiGras, the work everyone put into them is clear and every one of them is unique and awesome. Unfortunately due to irl scheduling conflicts, the party that was supposed to accompany the parade will have to be cancelled. As a result, we will be handing out 20 CathalPoints to everyone that entered but did not win to thank them for their time and efforts. A big congratulations is due to the winners of the contest:

3rd Place:

Yazuo_Baenre with his Purple Sheep in Flowers float wins 1000 In-Game Currency, 100 CathalPoints, and 5 Sponge Protection Stones!

2nd Place:

Ryshii with her adorable Mardi Gras Creeper wins 2500 In-Game Currency, 250 CathalPoints, and 10 Sponge Protection Stones!

1st Place:

Midnight_Dream with his amazing fierce, Fire-Breathing Dragon wins 5000 In-Game Currency, 500 CathalPoints, and 1 End Portal Protection Stone!

Runners Up:

Rttlr316, sillyrapid, lini1004, Ginnypearl, and wallecat will all recieve 20 CathalPoints for their entries!

Thank you to everyone that entered and I hope to see you at our next event in March!

EDIT: A few people have messaged me disappointed that the party was cancelled, and other staff have stepped up to help get it back together. As a result we will be moving the date to Saturday, March 4th at 5 PM PST. Hope to see everyone there!

midnight_dream Glad to see there will still be a party, I too was a bit disappointed about it being canceled. Congrats to the winners,...

Box of Chocolates Valentine Trivia Event

Rachel @ Sky Factory
posted Feb 20, 17

Hey everyone! Going to be hosting a quick trivia event tonight for Valentine's Day! There will be great prizes, so I hope to see everyone there!

Time: 5 pm PST

Location: /warp Chocolate (This will be a public warp that anyone can go to!)

S4miah Hi I am new do we need discord?
ihartcandy That was exciting!! Thank you Rachel for hosting :) Thanks to everyone who came out and participated. We had some lucky ...
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