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Hey everyone! I'm happy to announce that we are bringing improvements to the towny server tonight! We are adding 13 new custom mobs to CathalCraft Towny, and with new mobs comes new drops of course! Here's a heads up on what to keep an eye out for around the wilderness!


Runner: A very fast zombie mob that wants your brains and wants them now!

Blue Widow: This mob spawns only in deep, dark caves and has a powerful, poisonous bite.

Werewolf: Spawns the night before and the night of a full moon, beware; this mob travels in packs!

Big Unfriendly Giant: Giant miniboss that has the ability to raise the dead.

Flying Witch: This miniboss is quite powerful; I hear something special might happen if you catch her during the witching hour!

Osseous: A teleporting skeleton miniboss? Oh my...

Nimhe: This extremely poisonous spider births Blue Widows when provoked...

?????: I wonder what this custom boss could be?


Hellcats: Careful, these ocelot mobs explode!

Kilauea: Huge magma cube miniboss that causes upshoots of lava when it slams into the ground.


Eye of the Ender: These passive mobs won't be nice if you start a fight...

Seraph: This angelic miniboss would like you to go back to the overworld now.

Hope all of you enjoy this update, and as always, we'd love to hear feedback on our suggestions forum!

Javenger99 So is this like a mod or something? Im a bit confused
MoonwolfGam3r @ CathalCraft Towny
Oh god, well that would explain why i was jumped by two zombies earlier! I thought i was being trolled by the admins hah...
HerobrineGhoul This sounds amazing, can't wait to get my new computer

Hey guys, as I'm sure most of you know, we had some pretty major problems over this past weekend on Skyfactory. Rest assured that we were working all weekend to fix these issues and the server should not only be running noticably better now, but should no longer have problems with crashing/freezing like it has been. Hope you all were able to have a great weekend despite the issues!

The Towny server has been updated to Minecraft 1.12.1, so be sure to update your clients in order to connect.

Auctions and MobCatcher have been added back with this update. Parrot eggs are also now sold at spawn.

Happy egging mobs and auctioning!

The Mojang servers are back up!


If you are having connection issues to our servers, that is because the Mojang Servers are temporarily down for maintenence.

You can check the status here:

Our servers are still fine and running happily.

Towny Updated to 1.12

0wningYou posted Jun 10, 17

The Towny server has been updated to the latest Minecraft 1.12. Happy bird hunting!

As always, MobCatcher is not working, but will be updated as soon as the developer gets around to updating it.

Help Tickets are also not updated, so instead of creating a ticket, send a message to an admin on the website if you need help or run into a problem.

Daguman Did you change the way to catch mobs? Because the egg + 10 Redstone is not working?
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