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By FenixFire - Posted May 3, 18

Greetings, fellow crafters!

Our Beta for Mech & Magic is flying along.  We now have nearly the full Mech & Magic dev team assisting us real time to get everything as smooth as silk.

As you are aware, during this beta period, there will be periods of occasional downtime, and in some cases data loss.  Not to worry, though!  We have frequent backups, and everyone's /sethome list is fine.

All of you beta testers have been great, and we encourage you to keep reporting all bugs to the #reportissues channel in Discord.

We are currently working VERY hard to fix all the issues.

Also, great news! A Mine world with all the relevant structures has finally been generated and is accessible to all players.

Thank you all for your continued participation and patience.  We are all looking forward to a successful launch after beta!

See you in game!

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